→ Full of thousands of recreation areas and museums
→ Is the land of liberty
→ Is the trip of a lifetime                                        

The USA is a land of diversity having iconic landmarks to staggering landscapes, enchanting national parks, hot beaches, incredible outdoor activities from simple to an extreme with thousands of recreation areas.

The main reasons you should be visiting the USA are architectural iconic man-made sights, unparalleled landscapes such as 'the Grand Canyon', beautiful national parks and pretentious beaches with lots of outdoor activities.

Skiing and Snowboarding, Snorkeling and Scuba diving, Surfing, Rafting, Trekking/Hiking, Exploring National Parks, Bungee jumping, Sky diving, Paragliding, Sailing, Sea Kayaking, Four-wheel driving, Bike riding, Sea cruising

Beaches, Lakes, Canyons, National Parks, Forests, Mountains, Scenic Landscapes, Wildlife

Architecture, Museums and Galleries:
Culture and Traditions:
Festivals and Events:

Amusement Parks:
Theme Parks:
Fun Parks:

For Northern USA, the best months to visit are May and June. July-September is OK.

For Southern USA, you can visit throughout the year, though there can be storms and hurricanes in Florida from June onward.

top destinations in USA

This is the list of top destinations in the USA where you can have a lot of experience in one trip. This saves your time not only while surfing the internet for the top destinations to travel but also while traveling or exploring that particular location. And of course, this can save your money too.

new york

city that never sleeps

new york

City With Famous American Icons

las vegas

City of Fantasy

las vegas

Entertainment Capital

los angeles

Best Nightlife Scenes

los angeles

Great Beaches

san francisco

Best Foodie City

san francisco

Best California Vacation

orlando, miami (Florida)

Great Vacation Spot

orlando, miami (Florida)

Beautiful Beaches


Island Paradise


Surfing Paradise


Largest State Within the Arctic circle


Explore the Wilderness

top activities to do in USA

There are lots of outdoor activities from simple to an extreme you can enjoy in the US. The list can goes on and on. But we have curated some top activities to do in the USA on the basis of its popularity and uniqueness, and that you may not get to experience these activities better in any other countries than the USA.

Note: Experiencing Zero Gravity is costly. If you can afford it, then you can have this once in a lifetime experience in ;

  • Cape Canaveral, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Washington, DC
  • Miami, FL
  • San Francisco, CA

our recommendations

Based on the places and experiences that you will never get in other countries i.e they are uniquely different from other countries.

The USA being a vast country and with so many sights to see and activities to do, it is difficult to choose the best places to visit in a single trip. Still, we tried to narrow down the lists in terms of must-see places.

Must-visit destinations in USA:

If you are city and recreation lover:

  1. New York City
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Orlando, Miami (Florida)

If you are architecture and history lover:

  1. London
  2. Chester
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Stonehenge
  5. Antrim, Northern Ireland

If you are adventure and outdoor activities lover:

  1. Orlando, Miami (Florida)
  2. Denver, Colorado
  3. Hawaii
  4. San Francisco
  5. Las Vegas

If you are a nature lover:

  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Yellowstone National Park
  3. Yosemite National Park
  4. Alaska
  5. Hawaii  
  6. Orlando, Miami (Florida)
  7. San Francisco

If you are museums, galleries and culture lover:

               For Art, Museums and Galleries:

  1. New York City 
  2. Washington
  3. Los Angeles

              For Cultures and Traditions:     

  1. New York City 
  2. Orlando, Miami (Florida)


From the above list, you can see that New York City, Hawaii and Las Vegas overlap in two categories whereas Orlando and Miami (Florida) overlap in four categories. You can make your trip worthy by planning an itinerary accordingly and make much out of it by having a lot of experiences in your single trip without having your time and money wasted in traveling and just covering distances in-between.

Our Pick: If you are not much of that city lover and if you want a unique experience that is not available in other countries then our pick would be Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Hawaii, Alaska.

Follow these itineraries ideas (below): If you want to make most out of your trip; if you want to have a lot of experiences  in one trip missing almost nothing in your whole trip; if you also don’t want to miss the must-see places and if you also don’t want to miss ‘nowhere-else’ destinations on the planet, then follow these tips.

If this is your first-time visit to theUSA and

If you have 7-8 days, then we recommend you to have the following itineraries:


San Francisco, Yosemite National Park (Day 1-2)→Las Vegas (Day 3-4)→ Grand Canyon National Park (Day 5)→Route 66, Colorado River (Day 6)→Laughlin, Los Angeles (Day 7)


New York (Day 1-2)→Chicago (Day 3-4)→Orlando, Miami (Day 5-7)


Los Angeles/Las Vegas (Day 1)→Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls, Yellowstone National Park (Day 2-3)→Grand Teton, Jackson Hole, Pocatello (Day 4)→ Bruce Canyon National Park, Lower Antelope Canyon (Day 5)→Grand Canyon (Day 6)→Las Vegas (Day 7). (Note: Due to the vastness of Yellow Stone National Park, it takes several days to get around Yellowstone. At least 3-5 days is required to get most out of your Yellowstone trip)


Hawaii Island (7 Days): (Note: If you want to really enjoy an island, then you should spend at least 3-5 days per island.)


Alaska tour (7 Days): (Note: It can take longer if you want to make most out of the Alaska tour by land and sea.)

If you have 14 days, you can combine any other itinerary to have better experiences on your trip.

(Note: Please note that the itineraries mentioned here are focused on the routes or directions to follow for saving time and money and still not missing the ‘must-see’ destinations. The days mentioned here in-between the places is a rough estimation just to give you general itinerary ideas. You can shorten or lengthen this time according to your interests, season, budget and time available. For example, sometimes you might want to experience the nature, activities, and culture in a relaxed manner without any haste and without feeling cramped.)

We’ve covered our recommendations for ‘must-visit destinations’. The list of other wonderful places throughout the US can get long. The priorities for a destination to visit can be different from person to person as it depends upon personal preferences and interests. But these are the itineraries covering ‘must-do’ or ‘must-see’ places once in your lifetime. 

Adventure and outdoor activities lover

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: 

Makena and Molokini Crater are the major sites for snorkeling in Hawaii Island. You can also do Manta Ray Night Snorkeling on the big island of Hawaii. There are lots of options to do scuba diving in Hawaii or Florida.

River Cruising and Sea Cruising: 

You can cruise the Mississippi River, the Columbia River, and Alaska.


You can have a hiking trip through the Appalachians or Yosemite National Park in California or Colorado.


You can go to Hawaii

Rafting and Kayaking: 

You can do rafting in the Salmon River in Idaho or Colorado. Boating and canoeing at Everglades National Park (Florida).


Skiing in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Wildlife and Nature Lover


Hawaii: Waikiki beach, Hanauma Bay, Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach
Los Angeles: Venice beach, Malibu beach and Santa Monica
Miami:  Miami beach

National Parks: 

Hawaii Big Island: Volcanoes National Park
Wyoming/Montana/Idaho: Yellowstone NP
Wyoming: Grand Teton NP
Montana: Glacier National Park
California: Yosemite NP
Arizona: Grand Canyon NP
Denver: Rocky Mountain NP

Forests and Mountains: 

Asheville (North Carolina): The Appalachians, proximity to the great smoky mountains


California/Nevada: Lake Tahoe
Oregon: Crater Lake
Minnesota: Lake Kabetogama
Alaska: Lake Clark
Michigan: Lake Michigan

Scenic Landscapes: 

Asheville (North Carolina): The Appalachians, proximity to the great smoky mountains
Wyoming/Montana/Idaho: Yellowstone NP
California/Nevada: Lake Tahoe
Utah: Bryce Canyon NP

Geological Sites: 

Hawaii Big Island: Volcanoes National Park is the best place to see amazing volcanic sites. You can hike to the dormant volcano Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii.
Wyoming/Montana/Idaho: Yellowstone NP

art, culture and recreation lover

Architecture, Museums and Galleries: 

New York City:
Los Angeles:

Cultures and Traditions: 

New York:

Festivals and Events: 

Coachella Music and Arts Festival:
Food Festivals

Theme Parks and Fun Parks: 

New York City: Visit Coney Island
Las Vegas:
Los Angeles: