→ Unparalleled landscapes 
→ Idyllic setting 
→ Swiss cuisines and Swiss chocolates

Though Switzerland seems relatively small compared to other European countries, this country has to offer a plethora of sights to see and activities to do. Switzerland is a mountainous country filled with sparkling lakes, scenic villages and lofty peaks of Alps.

If you want the strong reason to visit Switzerland then it would be the stunning scenic views, nature at its best.

High Season: July and August (Summer)

Best months (to avoid crowd): Between April and June/ September and October

Best season for outdoor activities: September

top destinations in Switzerland

This is the list of top destinations in Switzerland where you can have a lot of experience in one trip. This saves your time not only while surfing the internet for the top destinations to travel but also while traveling or exploring that particular location. And of course, this can save your money too.


Cultural City


For Art Lover


Medieval Architecture


Lake City


Resort Town


Twin Lakes


Stunning Lakeside


Annual Jazz Festival

zermatt and the gornergrat

Mountain Resort

zermatt and the gornergrat

Breathtaking Views


Surrounded by Alps



top activities to do in Switzerland

our recommendations

Based on the places and experiences that you will never get in other countries i.e they are uniquely different from other countries, we tried to narrow down the lists in terms of ‘must-see’ places.

Must-visit destinations in Switzerland:

If you are an outdoor activities lover:

  1. Interlaken
  2. Zermatt

If you are adrenaline activities lover:

  1. Interlaken

If you are a nature lover:

  1. Interlaken
  2. Lucerne
  3. Zermatt

If you are art, history and culture lover:

               For Art, Museums and Galleries:

  1.  Zurich
  2. Montreux

              For Cultures and Traditions:     

  1. Zurich 


From the above list, you can see that Interlaken overlaps in more three categories and Zermatt overlaps in two categories. You can make your trip worthy by planning an itinerary according to your priorities and make much out of it by having a lot of experiences in your single trip without having your time and money wasted in traveling and just covering distances in-between.

Our Pick:  Since Switzerland is mostly about stunning peaks of Alps, turquoise lakes and picturesque villages, our pick would be Lucerne, Interlaken, and Zermatt.

Follow these itineraries ideas (below): If you want to make most out of your trip; if you want to have a lot of experiences  in one trip missing almost nothing in your whole trip; if you also don’t want to miss the must-see places and if you also don’t want to miss ‘nowhere-else’ destinations on the planet, then follow these tips.

If this is your first-time visit to Switzerland and 

If you have 7-8 days, then we recommend you to choose the following itinerary:

Zurich (Day 1)→Lucerne (Day 2)→Interlaken (Day 3-4)→Zermatt (Day 5-6)→Geneva (Day 7)

If you have 10 days, you can improvise above itinerary. For this


After completion of Zermatt trip (Day 5-6), head towards Lugano (Day 7-8) (Skip Geneva)


After completion of Geneva (Day 7), head towards Lausanne→Montreux (Day 8-9)

If you are on your return visit, then choose another itinerary (from above) which you didn’t do in your first visit.

(Note: Please note that the itineraries mentioned here are focused on the routes or directions to follow for saving time and money and still not missing the ‘must-see’ destinations. The days mentioned here in-between the places is a rough estimation just to give you general itinerary ideas. You can shorten or lengthen this time according to your interests, season, budget and time available. For example, sometimes you might want to experience the nature, activities and culture in a relaxed manner without any haste and without feeling crammed.)

We’ve covered our recommendations for ‘must-visit destinations’. The list of other wonderful places throughout Switzerland can get long. The priorities for a destination to visit can be different from person to person as it depends upon personal preferences and interests. But these are the itineraries covering ‘must-do’ or ‘must-see’ places once in your lifetime.