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Hello, I’m Shailendra Parajuli, a travel enthusiast. I am from the country which is home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest and home to 8 of the 14 eight-thousanders. Yes! you are right. I am from Nepal, a small country in the lap of Himalayas. Small in a geographical map but big in natural wonders. The majestic landscapes with jagged peaks and burbling rivers – originating from the leg of the snow-hooded mountains – meandering through lush forests rich in the wilderness have always lured me to travel and explore my country. Now, it makes me feel like I have to explore more stunning places on this planet. So, I am planning to visit amazing destinations around the world as much as I can to satiate my craving for traveling while inspiring others to do so.

How this site came in existence ?

There can be no discrete views when it comes to whether you should travel or not. But there will definitely be contrasting views when it comes to listing the destinations that you ‘must-visit’ and the destinations you can skip. In some cases, it’s purely a subjective matter depending on personal preferences. While in most of the cases, some of the destinations are overrated by pushy blogs and advertisers.

As a travel enthusiast, I often browse the internet for the next possible travel destination, perfect itinerary, and awesome tips. But, it ends only in frustration because of the overwhelming information providing contrasting views. What amazed me is that there are so many ‘must-visit’ attractions within one single town of the country. In reality, it is a different story. Among the 30 listed destination, people actually find only a fraction of that which are worth visiting.

This problem has inspired me to create a blogging site for travelers like me so that they don’t feel so much exhausted while narrowing down the list of ideal destinations to visit.

The other problem I faced while traveling without some research was that the itinerary can get unnecessarily long and costly. If you are unaware of traveling routes and don’t know from where to start and where to end, you could end up your trip just covering the distance from place to place.

BE AWARE! You could be the prey of travel and tours/trekking agencies. Most of the agencies make an undesirable extension of your trip by making you visit a worthless place or by making you stay for more nights during your tour because you may be unaware of traveling distances between two points.  

This problem has also inspired me to provide travelers like me a carefully curated list of itineraries so that travelers can avoid a dilemma of choosing destinations, itineraries, and activities that are really worth visiting and experiencing.

How This Site Can Help You


This site helps you to avoid tourist-traps and choose destination wisely because this site presents you a carefully curated list of destination and itineraries.


This site gives you an itinerary ideas for first time visitor according to the time available for them.


I share my own travel experiences and travel stories with you so that you may be inspired


This site can help you by giving advice,suggestions, and tips regarding your stay during the trip.